NPR Weekend Edition and Folk Alley!

Holy cow, we are basking in the golden rays of NPR love... We have drunk thousands of cups of coffee on many a morn, imaging what it'd be like to have those super smart curators talking about our music... And now it has come from a few corners of the NPR world. 

Melissa Block was kind enough to talk with us about Real Midnight and that interview aired on Weekend Edition this morning. If you weren't glued to your radio dials, you can hear the interview here!

Back in January while touring the east coast and avoiding blizzards, we had the privilege of stopping into the Beehive Production studios in Sarnac Lake, NY to tape a Folk Alley session with the wonderful Linda Fahey. These sessions are absolutely beautiful thanks to the fine Beehive Productions team and they launched yesterday alongside an NPR Music studio feature

We are grateful and ready to get this CD release tour rolling. We're coming at you. See you soon 

your Birds of Chicago