I am a pelican in the eye of a hurricane

Nothing good behind me up ahead is pain

You are a pelican in the eye of a hurricane

And you’re mystified that you made it to this day


So let’s drift awhile and feel the sun

And oh by god you’ll know my love

And I will know your love


There were too many wolves

There were not enough wolves

Oh it’s all for nothing that’s a feeling I never shook

I believe in harmony oh though I’ve never seen it

if my heart is beating you know I’m still dreaming


So let’s drift awhile...


What’s been done to you no I can’t undo

All that pain well it’s part of you

But it never poisoned you never turned you numb

Seeing how this world gets its doing done


So let’s drift awhile...


Here’s one for the ragged beauties for the wounded swans

For the Don Quixotes oh you’re not too far gone

These few precious days I’m ‘a spend with you

It’s not all over yet no baby blue


So let’s drift awhile….